When was the last time you went to a planetarium? Probably quite a while ago. Maybe you went there with your parents or your school class - to discover the world of astronomy in a fun way. For many of us, planetariums have the reputation of being a teaching aid for children. And they definitely are - but they can be so much more. 
The planetarium in Nuremberg wants to step away from being just a teaching aid to being known for entertaining shows that fascinate every age.
For this step into a new identity, they need a visual one first. It needs to draw attention, fascinate, inspire, and above all: To grow the desire to visit the planetarium. 
The logo is dynamic. It shows a cutout of the current starry sky over Nuremberg, framed by a round contour. Through the moving stars behind the circle, any number of variants of the logo can be created.
Bold colors and typography underline the bold appearance of the planetarium. 

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