Cover Design for Math
We always judge a book by its cover. The first impression will always have an impact about how we perceive the content. So what if we could use this to turn the image of some of the probably most hated books - at least for children - around? I picked math school books and gave them a fresh, modern look by designing new covers. This aims  to make picking up maths books more fun and enjoyable while arousing curiosity about the content.
Cover design for the book "Warum wir immer das Falsche vergessen" ("why we always forget the wrong") by Barbara Knab. 
When I read this book, I was really surprised: Judging a book by its cover, I expected a scientific essay about our memory and didn't have high hopes to reach the 20th page before being either bored or confused and closing it again. But the opposite happened: I found the book so interesting and entertaining, that I couldn't stop reading, and finished it within a few days. It really deserves to be read. So, to make it more appealing, I decided to redesign the cover. 
CD Cover and Booklet for the single "horse" from Mighty Oaks.
Cover design for the novel "als die Tage nach Zimt schmeckten" 
("when the days tasted like cinnamon").
Created 2018 during the 3rd semester of graphic design at the university Georg Simon Ohm in Nuremberg, Germany.

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