Handmade, regional and organically grown food: This is the promise of a small low-waste café located in Hamburg. Sounds great, right? 
It really is. But it's not enough to be great when nobody knows. If you want to attract new customers, you need to present yourself in the best possible way. And what better way for a café than with mouth-watering photos from the meals they offer? 
I thought about how these photos should look like to express their values and developped a characteristic imagery: The organic origin of the food is shown by photos of the plain ingredients. The low-waste aspect is expressed by the variety of plates and jars I used. The high quality of the products is underlined by the dark background and light setting. 
And the handmade is emphasized by the photos showing not only the end result, but the whole process behind the meals: From cutting the bread or baking the granola to serving it in front of the guest. 
Created 2020 during the 4th semester of photography at the university Georg Simon Ohm in Nuremberg, Germany.
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